Fedora Monkey Studio is pleased to present our first commercial vector stock art set—FM001 is a collection of science fiction-themed reticles, dials, computer displays, compasses, progress/power bars, and more. 


The set includes over 140 individual elements that can be mixed and matched, and are ideally suited for use in comic books and webcomics. Need a high-tech bank of screens for your alien invader's hidden lair? Or a series of displays for your futuristic space cop's starship? Look no further. 


Also included are preset vectors designed to create customized "tech circles"—select the "wedges" of the circle you want and use the Pathfinder tool to combine or delete to suit your taste, then mix and match with the various design elements, and voila: a sci-fi computer interface in minutes. 


The set is $5.00 US and the download includes files in Adobe Illustrator CS format (from CS4 through CS6). 


Check out the Free Sampler (F001) for a closer look (and a unique vector not included in the full set.)