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I'm endeavoring to be a little more prolific here, so…UPDATES. 

BLACK MAGICK issue 01 looks amazing. I can't wait until you guys see it. Nicola and Greg definitely bring their A-game to this one. And it even got written up in Entertainment Weekly

CODENAME BITE final art just came in. The illustrator is the amazingly talented Brett Weldele (Surrogates, Pariah) and man do these pages look good. Hopefully, I'll be able to talk about it more soon. 

Some new business: CODENAME GLYPH is an interesting design project that just wandered into my inbox, doing some graphic design work for a Super Sekret batch of books Dynamite is cooking up. It's minor work, but looks like it'll be fun and fast. 

More new business: CODENAME GIBSON is some floor plans/schematics for a forthcoming magical cyberpunky roleplaying game supplement from Catalyst Game Labs. Something different, and it's odd to be dipping my toes back into dice-and-paper gaming work. 

Even more new business, and then we're past the "TOP SECRET I CANNA TALK ABOUT IT" stuff: CODENAME BRAND. I've been quietly cleaning up a buddy's old comic (the original publisher did a terrible job with prepress on it), so he can relaunch it via ComiXology. This included a complete, ground-up revamp of the trade dress and layout, and I think it looks damn fine if I do say so myself. 

Okay, so talking about the things I can't talk about: sorted. 


Cover art by Owen Freeman.
Cover art by Owen Freeman.

Just got my comp copies of Lazarus #18, which means it is on final approach for stores next week. 


The book has shifted tone a bit—it's still the same lovable grim meathook future dystopia, but now it's also a war comic. Michael Lark's style is so perfectly suited to this kind of story. 


So, here's the details:



Written by: Greg Rucka

Art by: Michael Lark with Tyler Boss

Colors by: Santi Arcas

Letters by: Jodi Wynne

Layout and book design: Eric Trautmann

Cover by: Owen Freeman


“POISON,” Part Two.

Hock forces have engaged Carlyle troops on the shores of Lake Superior, and to turn them back Forever must take her place on the front...where the enemy is waiting for her.

IMAGE COMICS  |  Color  |  32pgs.  |  Mature Readers  |  $3.50US






Cover art by: Ed Benes and Dinei Ribeiro
Cover art by: Ed Benes and Dinei Ribeiro

I'm pleased to see the oversized anthology issue, Red Sonja #1973, hitting shelves tomorrow. 

It was a fun project: write a short Sonja story in the same vein as the classic Marvel run from the early 1970s. Since my 25-issue run on the title was basically a giant homage to that, it felt a bit like a homecoming (and I also got to write was is essentially a prequel to the short piece I contributed to Red Sonja #100. 

I have a final chapter in mind, so if you dig it, tell Dynamite you want more.)

Hopefully folks enjoy the book; I just got my comp copies, and I have to say, it looks quite good. My story features are by Ivan Rodriguez and a really nice, subtle, stark coloring job by Marcio Menyz. They do excellent work (as evidenced by the preview images below.)


Written by: Eric Trautmann ("The Raiding Party"); Roy Thomas ("For Whom The Bell Trolls"); Luke Lieberman ("Simple Life"); Gail Simone ("The Hanging Tree"); David Walker ("The Arena of Dread"); and Cullen Bunn ("Silent Running")

Art by: Ivan Rodriguez; Rich Buckler; Rod Rodolfo; Kewbar Baal; Bilquis Evely; Jonathan Lau

Cover by: Ed Benes and Dinei Ribeiro

Since her fearless debut in 1973, the She-Devil with a Sword has redefined the fantasy genre thanks to the efforts of acclaimed writers including Gail Simone, Roy Thomas, Luke Lieberman, and Eric Trautmann! Joined by first-time Sonja writer Cullen Bunn and a handful of amazing artists, these titanic talents each contribute tales of derring-do to this supersized, action-packed anthology. Everyone's favorite red-tressed heroine battles monsters, rivals, and ne'er-do-wells in Hyborian adventures retro-tinted to capture the flavor of her classic comics era!

Dynamite Entertainment  /  Color  /  48pgs  /  Teen+  /  $7.99US








Just announced at Image Expo: Black Magick, a supernatural police procedural (and family drama, and a few other cool things) by writer Greg Rucka and illustrator Nicola Scott, will be released soon (October-ish, I believe, but don't quote me on that) by Image Comics. (I referenced it earlier as CODENAME CONSTABLE, but the witch's familiar is out of the bag now, so…)


As with Lazarus, I'm the series graphic designer; I designed the logo and trade dress, will be handling the typesetting of the letter column, the design of a special "magazine size" first issue, and various other behind-the-scenes bit of gee-whizzery. 


For more info, visit Comic Book Resources





More workblogging

CODENAME CONSTABLE (an upcoming Image comics project I can't tell you much about…yet) is coming along nicely. Logo design is finalized, and the first issue is basically completed as is issue 2. 

Another new project, CODENAME BITE, will be announced shortly, too; it's a Vampirella-related item, and it marks the first time I'll be working with a particular artist I greatly admire. The project is still floating around the schedule a bit, but as soon as that firms up, there'll be more blather about that, too. 

Settling in this week to knock out the last couple Frost: Rogue State scripts (knock wood), so maybe the end of the story will see the light of day in my lifetime. Who says I'm not an optimist?

And finally, my pal Matthew Sturges (writer of Jack of Fables and JSA All-Stars back in the day, among other things) has a new original graphic novel coming out soon from Devil's Due and a revitalized 1First Comics. It's called The Four Norsemen of the Apocalypse and among its many virtues, God is the narrator, so there's that. 

I designed the logo for Matt after another design fell through for some reason, because Matt's a friend. Doing that logo rekindled my longing to work on more graphic-y projects. Here's a link to some of the book's press (and preview pages)* and another to a detail look at my logo for the project

* It's a Bleeding Cool link, so you've been warned. Personally, I enjoy the fact that they misspell the book's title in the article headline, which is right above a prominent picture of the cover, with the correct spelling of the name. 





A break for station identification…

Cover art by Ed Benes.
Cover art by Ed Benes.


Red Sonja 1973 is an upcoming Red Sonja anthology featuring stories by Gail Simone, Cullen Bunn, Roy Thomas, Luke Lieberman… and even a tale by yours truly. 

The idea is to write old-school stand alone tales of the She-Devil With A Sword, but I cheated a bit.

My story is a prequel to the piece I did for Red Sonja #100, and there's one last "chapter" of it that leads it directly into the start of my run on the title. They do stand alone, but I couldn't help but provide some connective tissue between them. Hopefully, I'll be able to write that last chapter someday. 

The book is, I believe, scheduled for a July release. 

Cover art by Owen Freeman.
Cover art by Owen Freeman.


I also wrapped up my chores on Lazarus #17 a couple weeks ago; this issue looks terrific. 

Readers of the series will be pleased to see the return of Casey Solomon, the introduction of a new military unit within Family Carlyle (the Anvils), and Michael Lark tackling a war comic. 

The conflict between Carlyle and Hock has definitely gotten worse. It'll be interesting / horrifying to watch what war will do to an already terribly dystopian environment. 


I just started work on another Image project, similar to my work on Lazarus: logo design, typesetting, and so forth. It's not announced yet, so until the creative team announcement, I'll steal a page from Warren Ellis and give it a codename. 

I dunno, let's call it CODENAME CONSTABLE. When there are details I can reveal, I'll definitely be spreading the word. 

It's an interesting project. It doesn't require the kind of world-building I'm typically involved in, but it lets me play in visual styles I don't usually have an opportunity to work in, so that's really, really nice. Can't wait to tell you more. 


When we launched Frost through Monkeybrain/ComiXology, I don't think any of us involved realized the crapshow our lives were about to turn into. For my part, my wife's terrible leg injury and subsequent surgery and painful recovery (timed to coincide with our house flooding to the tune of tens of thousands of dollars) put Frost on hold. I'm currently the delay, but my plan is to finish the last two scripts (about 32 pages of comic) in the next 10 days, give or take. Issue 2 is basically done; we're holding the issues back until we have issues 2-4 DONE and issue five ready for lettering. 

So, it's not dead, and is slowly shambling back to life. 


I totally forgot I contributed a tiny, tiny piece to an upcoming children's book.

I contributed a haiku about a cat, named Haiku, for a book full of haikus about Haiku. So it's basically a Möbius loop of cuteness. Should be out in August. 

So, yeah, I helped with a children's book. 


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