The Transmetropolitan benefit book: Final push!

Benefit book cover by Darick Robertson.
Benefit book cover by Darick Robertson.

I was recently asked to contribute a short piece of "flash fiction" to a benefit book, celebrating Warren Ellis' and Darick Robertson's amazing and prescient tale of journalism and politics in a deeply weird future,Transmetropolitan. (If you've not read it, you should, as the complete series is easily one of the best pieces of comic work to come out of the late '90s. The first issue can be found here.)


This book features original art and flash fiction from numerous comic creators and will support the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund, and the Hero Initiative.


To fund the book, the project organizers have launched a Kickstarter fundraiser and today is the last day to donate (only 9 hours to go!). The book is fully funded -- and thank you to all who contributed -- but every additional bit of funding will have a tangible effect on the number of books printed. 


For information on the book itself, visit the project's Kickstarter page (and please pass the link around to any of your Facebook friends or Twitter followers). 


For sneak peeks at the ridiculously good art being created for the project, follow the Twitter feed at @Transmet.


From Susan Augér, the project's "topkick," comes the following FAQ...


Q:  "But we met our goal, we're fully funded, why should we promote it?" 


A:  Because every book purchased means a second book is printed, and that second book is donated to charity.  The charities benefiting include the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund, the Hero Initiative, and The Comic Book Alliance. The final numbers of books will be determined by the funds we raise. 


Q:  "How do I know you aren't going to ask again in a few days?"


A:  Because I've only asked once during this entire process, and I am asking again now because the fundraising ends tomorrow.  We will not be promoting book sales after that. 


Q:  "You won't be promoting book sales at all?  That can't be true, the books don't become available until April, won't you be promoting them then?"


A:  No.  When the books arrive in April they will be shipped to their new homes: to contributors, buyers, and the charities.  If the charities want to sell or auction their copies they will run their own promotions.   Tomorrow is the last day that I will be asking contributors to promote the book. 


Thank you! 


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