Written by: Eric Trautmann

Art by: Walter Geovani & Patrick Berkenkotter

Cover by: Joseph Michael Linsner


As Argos burns with revolution, Red Sonja captains a band of mercenaries on  a last-ditch, desperate mission across the border into Shem.


But that mission is more than it seems, as Sonja leads her allies into a quest for a deadly secret hidden within the walls of the city-state, Persemhia.


Worse: others seek this mysterious prize as well, as the armies of Koth and Argos mass to crush Red Sonja's ragtag band. It will take more than skill with a blade for any to survive this deadly season of war...

Collects issues 51 through 55 of the Red Sonja ongoing series written by Eric Trautmann and illustrated by Walter Geovani and Patrick Berkenkotter.


Features a complete cover gallery featuring art by Joseph Michael Linsner, Paul Renaud, Michael Avon Oeming, Walter Geovani & More!

Dynamite Entertainment | Color  | 128 pgs | Softcover  |  Teen+ | $16.99US  |  ISBN 1-60690-112-5


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