In addition to writing comics, Eric often handles publication design for comics (including logo design, layout—including the letter column for Image Comics' Lazarus, and various pre-press tasks). 


Eric's work on Lazarus also includes the design of various "Family crests" featured in the series, design of computer screens/user interfaces that appear throughout the series, cover layout, and the creation of in-universe fake "advertisements." 


Other work includes: ongoing design work on Image Comics' Black Magick and The Old Guard; layout, production and typesetting work for the IDW-published trade paperback editions of Atomic Robo and Real Science Adventures; generating artwork and design for bonus material for hardcover editions of Atomic Robo and Real Science Adventures for Tesladyne, LLC; trade dress design for Dynamite Entertainment, and brand refreshing and book design for the zombie western series, Rotten.

To view more of Eric's design work, visit his Behance porfolio.