Written by: Eric Trautmann

Art by: Walter Geovani, Patrick Berkenkotter, Noah Salonga

Cover by: Joseph Michael Linsner


Red Sonja, the She-Devil with A Sword, must survive an epic journey through three kingdoms, each one a roiling snakepit of old grudges, ancient magic, and arcane science!


From Persemhia, a city-state of Shem, and the oncoming hordes of Argos and Koth, Sonja and a band of mercenary allies face Cavvalus in a battle for control of an ancient, ensorcelled artifact...


Onward into Koth, Sonja—alone and reeling from the siege of Persemhia—becomes embroiled in schemes to topple the kingdom's throne, all proving true an ancient Koth proverb: family disputes are best solved by a knife in the dark...


From Koth, to the dark heart of Stygia, where Sonja fights to protect her new friends from harm when they fall prey to the scheming witch Azenathi. Seeking the cursed Horn of Negal as ransom, Red Sonja charges headlong into the lair of her greatest adversary yet: a deadly doppelganger who shares her form, mirrors her martial skill, and knows no mercy!


Red Sonja Omnibus Vol. 4 contains issues 51–66 of Red Sonja(This material is also collected in Red Sonja Vol. 9: War Season, Red Sonja Vol. 10: The Machineries of Empire, and Red Sonja Vol. 11: Echoes of War.)


Dynamite Entertainment | Color  | 408 pgs | Softcover  |  Teen+ | $29.99US  |  ISBN-13: 978-1606904251

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