Red Sonja #51 cover by Paul Renaud.
Red Sonja #51 cover by Paul Renaud.

With the kind permission of Dynamite Entertainment, I've posted the complete script to issue #51 or the Red Sonja comic book series, my first work on the character and for Dynamite.


The issue was penciled by Walter Geovani (and his preliminary design work is included in the .pdf file). 



Red Sonja #51
Complete script to Red Sonja #51.
Red Sonja_Issue 51_Dynamite Entertainmen
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Trixie Tempus study (by Brian Rogers)
Trixie Tempus study (by Brian Rogers)

Some while back, I had been approached -- in what I think is a fairly atypical combination of factors -- by several aspiring artists, all looking to expand their portfolios or sharpen up skills; basically, a few different folks asked me if I had any scripts lying around they could use for practice.


Since I've basically only done corporate-owned work, I was reluctant to hand out, say, a Perfect Dark or Checkmate script, so I ended up writing a short (16 comic pages) sci-fi/adventure piece, specifically to hand out to artists.


It's probably the goofiest thing I've ever written, a wild and wooly action piece with a female protagonist: a woman from the 1930s, recruited into a temporal/cross-dimensional police agency. Her mission is to protect various timelines, but in reality, she's a fairly amoral piece of work, a sort of pulp sci-fi hybrid of Lara Croft and Rosie the Riveter, who rockets through the multiverse and runs guns, steals artwork, etc.


I adore her.


So, here's the script, released under a Creative Commons license. If you end up drawing the piece, please shoot me a copy, so I can post it up in here.



Trixie Tempus [Updated July 2015]
PDF file; script for a 16-page sci-fi comic, released under Creative Commons license.
TRIXIE TEMPUS_V3.5_2015.pdf
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