Housecleaning, Emerald City and Vampirella

It's been a while since I've done this, but you may have noticed some minor tweaks/updating to the website. I'm experimenting a bit, adding and removing some material, and generally shaking the dust off the place a bit. Please bear with me. 


First, I've been remiss in posting this article, an interview conducted by Rik at 1st Comics News, focusing on my Vampirella work...

Emerald City

The Emerald City Comicon in Seattle continues to be generally excellent. I had a terrific time, and it was even better to see friends I rarely get to see except at comic shows. If you didn't attend this year, I strongly urge you to check it out next year. 


For a peek at the show, check out the interview conducted by Pop Culture Zoo's Joe Dilworth, featuring me, Brandon Jerwa, and Dynamite Entertainment editor Joe Rybandt. (And yes, Rybandt really is that tall, and -- if you follow the Jerwa/Trautmann antics on Twitter, yes, we really do treat each other like this. It's all out of love, though.)

Vampirella #4 Preview...

...and finally, Vampirella #4 will be arriving in comic stores soon; we're over the halfway mark in the lead-off story, and kicking the pace into overdrive. And the thoughtful folks over at Dynamite have offered a cover gallery and preview. Enjoy!


Vampirella #4

Script by: Eric Trautmann

Art by: Wagner Reis; Dream sequence art by: Fabiano Neves

Colors by: Inlight Studios

Covers by: Jelena Kevic-Djurdjevic, Alé Garza, Paul Renaud, Jason Pearson.


Vampirella's pursuit of Dracula has revealed a cult of vampires, worshippers of an ancient evil, one so vast and terrible that even the Lord of the Vampires respects -- and perhaps fears -- it. As the world stands between eternal chaos and an endless army of blood-drinking horrors, Vampirella, plagued with nightmare visions of her past and of possible future, may finally have met her match.


Dynamite Entertainment  |  32 pg.  |  Color  |  Teen +  |  $3.99

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