Fun with parallel universes...

Some months back, after being asked if I had any scripts "lying around" by illustrators looking for something to build out portfolios, I wrote up a goofy little 16-page bit of sci-fi fluff--an adventure featuring a time-traveling, universe hopping agent of a multidimensional police force. The twist is that the protagonist, while serving a noble cause, is fairly amoral and uses her position to run guns, steal art, and generally line her own pockets. 


I called her "Trixie Tempus." So, yeah: not exactly Watchmen, but entertaining pulp sillyness. 


A few artists have cranked out a sketch or two -- you can see a sample on this very site, in fact, as well as download the script


Recently, a friend of mine, David Pierce, has taken a run at Trixie, and is experimenting with Google Sketchup as part of his workflow. 


I'll be posting up some of his pages eventually, but I thought the models he did of Trixie's "Time Cycle" -- in both street- and flight-modes -- and of a futuristic Nazi hovertank were worth sharing. 



Trixie Tempus' "Time Cycle" (Street configuration)

Trixie Tempus' "Time Cycle" (Flight configuration)

Neo-Reich Hovertank (Evil Fascist Badass configuration)

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