Fedora Monkey Studio

For the last several years, in addition to writing, I've been tackling some design work--business cards, logo/branding design, viral marketing efforts and so forth. I realized recently, that I've actually done quite a bit more than I had previously thought; my archives show more than 70 print pieces just for my wife's comic shop alone. 


So, adding a section here to cover my graphic design work seemed long overdue. 


The section will be growing a bit over the next few days; the viral marketing "special projects" will be covered in more detail, including the DC comics "Crime Bible" pages, the Montoya Journal (for which I designed several physical artifacts of the DC Comics universe: airplane tickets, band posters, police reports, Gotham City newspapers, and more, as part of a viral marketing effort in support of The Question: The Five Books of Blood) and the Checkmate-themed GIDEON-II website. 



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