Vampirella: A Murder of Crows TPB

Cover by Paul Renaud.
Cover by Paul Renaud.

The second volume of my run on Dynamite Enterainment's Vampirella series hit store shelves this past Wednesday—while I was lying on a couch, fighting off a murderous stomach bug. Apologies for the delayed update. 


This collection also includes Vampirella #11, scripted by my friend and frequent collaborator, Brandon Jerwa, an issue that lays the groundwork for the following story arc, "Homecoming." 



Written by: Eric Trautmann, Brandon Jerwa

Art by: Fabiano Neves, Heubert Khan-Michael, Johnny Desjardins

Cover by: Paul Renaud


Vampirella's back and on the hunt! Dynamite Entertainment's acclaimed mistress of the dark continues her supernatural adventures, running a gauntlet of murder and despair across an increasingly imperiled globe.
A trio of demoness assassins - the Kerasu Shimei (the "Crow Sisters") - have clawed their into our world, and are intent on building a bloody monument to murder, sin and mayhem, and it will take all of Vampirella's considerable skill to send them screaming back to Hell... 


And in a special guest story, a terrifying exorcism awaits Vampirella and her companion, Sofia Murray, in Germany. But this particular demon isn't ready for eviction just yet...


Vampirella: A Murder of Crows collects issues 8-11 of Dynamite's acclaimed horror/adventure series, and features stories by writers Eric Trautmann and Brandon Jerwa and the art talents of Fabiano Neves, Heubert Khan Michael and Johnny Desjardins, plus a complete cover gallery featuring art by Alé Garza, Jelena Kevic-Djurdjevic, and more.


Dynamite Entertainment  |  120 pg  |  Color  |  Teen+  |  $16.95 US  


Here's a preview (best if viewed in full-screen mode): 


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