Red Sonja #64 in stores this week.

Cover art by Walter Geovani
Cover art by Walter Geovani

The She-Devil With A Sword returns to comic shelves this Wednesday, Feb. 22, with issue #64 of Dynamite Entertainment's Red Sonja series. This issue marks the midpoint of the current story arc, one which reaches back to issue #51 and my first work on the title. I promise Stygian sorcerers, strange magic, quick banter, and the occasional swordplay.



Written by: Eric Trautmann

Art by: Walter Geovani

Covers by: Walter Geovani, Wagner Reis


Red Sonja has traveled from pastoral Shem to strife-torn Koth and now, into the dark heart of Stygia itself. Her quest: a lost weapon of terrifying power--and perhaps some measure of atonement for sins past.

But the sinister schemes of the Pharoah's witch, Azenathi, and the thirst for vengeance of an old enemy, may only bring Sonja pain, blood, and death... 


Dynamite Entertainment  |  32 pg.  |  Color  |  Teen+  |  $3.99 US


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