SHOOTERS "launch party!"

Art by Steve Lieber.
Art by Steve Lieber.

After an incredibly long gestational period, the original graphic novel I wrote with Brandon Jerwa (illustrated by Steve Lieber) is finally hitting store shelves, on Wed. April 18, 2012. 


In honor of the book's release, Gabi's Olympic Cards & Comics in Lacey, WA is hosting a "launch party" -- a signing, q&a, and so on -- on April 18th. Brandon, Steve and I will be there, answering questions, signing books, sharing some of the behind-the-scenes stories of the graphic novel's creation. 


Gabi's Olympic Cards & Comics

4230 Pacific Avenue

Lacey, WA 98503

(360) 459-7721 --

April 18th, 2012, Noon 'til ???.


For more info, visit the store's Facebook page


SHOOTERS -- an original graphic novel

Written by: Eric Trautmann and Brandon Jerwa

Illustrated by: Steve Lieber


Today's battlefield isn't just about the uniformed soldier in service to his country; there's also the contractor, who answers to the corporation. Call them mercenaries, soldiers-for-hire, or private military operators, they are a new breed of combatant in today's conflicts.


Shooters is the story of Terry Glass, a warrior whose spirit and soul has been hardened in countless battles. When a horrible accident shatters his world, Glass finds himself waging a private war on several fronts—against his career, his marriage, and ultimately, his faith.


Written by Eric S. Trautmann (CheckmateRed SonjaFlash Gordon: Zeitgeist) and Brandon Jerwa (G.I. Joe, Battlestar Galactica, Highlander), and drawn by Eisner Award-winning artist Steve Lieber (UndergroundWhiteout,Road to Perdition: On the Road), Shooters tells a story of modern warfare that will stay with you forever.


Vertigo  |  Hardcover  |  B&W  |  144 pages  | $22.99US

Advance praise for SHOOTERS:

"Shooters is a gutsy, honest, and gritty look at covert ops and combat actions in the modern battlespace. This is a place where Spec Ops, the conventional military, and war zone contractors collide.  The fog of war is often more than a moment of tactical confusion; it can also become a deeply personal state of mind." --  Colonel Gerald Schumacher, U.S. Army Special Forces (ret) (A Bloody Business: America's War Zone Contractors and the Occupation of Iraq)


"An uncompromising look into a world most people only hear about on the news. Shooters is brutal, raw, compelling, and undeniably human. Brandon Jerwa, Eric Trautmann and Steve Lieber have produced a story that'll stay with readers for a long, long time." -- Kurt Busiek (Astro City, Arrowsmith, JLA Vs. Avengers)


"It's been said that there are only two kinds of war stories, the ones that lie, and the ones that lie a lot. What the veteran knows is bound in fiction and painted in every shade of the rainbow, from entertainment to truth. Shooters is that rare war story, and that most precious of all stories — a tale of identity and redemption, well-told and well-executed. Jerwa, Trautmann, and Lieber have crafted a powerful, raw work, that echoes as profoundly as the battles it relates." -- Greg Rucka (WhiteoutQueen & CountryThe Punisher.)


"Shooters is not a book about combat... [it] is a story about the physical and emotional aftermath of combat, and is infinitely more effective and touching as a result. Jerwa, Trautman, and Lieber don't just bring you into the reality of warfare, they bring you into heart of a man who has experienced it firsthand. Unlike every other war story I've encountered, I identified with the struggles of the protagonist, Terry Glass. I felt his pain and related to it in a way I've never done before. [We] have all felt the pain of disappointment, of bewilderment, and of separation from the ones we love. The creators of this book have done a masterful thing in creating a character that we can believe in, and whose unraveling is that much more painful and shocking as a result. This is a seriously terrific book, well-researched and utterly convincing. I have nothing but the utmost praise for it." -- Matt Sturges (Jack of Fables, House of Mystery)   

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