Art by Daniel Indro
Art by Daniel Indro

Due to an odd production error, the incorrect lettering file was linked to page 21 of Flash Gordon: Zeitgeist #4. 


The end result? The lettering for page 20 is duplicated on page 21 which is not, shall we say, ideal


The corrected page will be reprinted in Flash Gordon: Zeitgeist #5, and -- as soon as I have a copy available -- I'll be posting the corrected page here, too. 


In the interim, I'm including the script page. 


My apologies, everyone. 

Flash Gordon: Zeitgeist #4: Corrected page
The original script for page 21 of FLASH GORDON: ZEITGEIST #4, in .pdf form.
Corrected FGZ4 Page 21.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Document 20.2 KB

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