Red Sonja #66 in stores this week

Cover by Walter Geovani
Cover by Walter Geovani

The final issue of the current Red Sonja arc, issue #66, hits stores this week. In many ways, this issue is a culmination of everything I started way back in issue #51. (Next issue, a whole new arc starts, which I'm very excited about). 


Visit your local comics shop and grab a copy this Wednesday!



Written by: Eric Trautmann

Art by: Walter Geovani

Covers by: Walter Geovani, John Watson


The final, bloody showdown over the cursed Horn of Nergal is at hand! To stand fast against an army of Stygian assassins and the sinister machinations of the Priestess Azenathi will require all of Red Sonja's considerable skill. But is the She-Devil with a Sword's martial prowess enough to win the day (and perhaps a measure of redemption), or will the Horn's curse cost Sonja everything?


Dynamite Entertainment  |  32 pg.  |  Color  |  Teen+  |  $3.99US


Here's a preview for Red Sonja #66 (best if viewed in full-screen mode):

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