San Diego

Dancing robot, outside of San Diego convention center. It also boxed.
Dancing robot, outside of San Diego convention center. It also boxed.

I've finally returned from San Diego, CA., where I attended Comic Con International. As always, it was overwhelming, colorful, overwhelming, entertaining, and overwhelming. 


Typically, I fly out a couple days early to spend time with my friend, Jeremy, and leave a couple days after the con to avoid overcrowded flights. Tends to work out great, but also means I haven't seen the inside of my own home in over a week. 


Some highlights of the show this year: I finally got to meet Ande Parks, a terrific writer (his Union Station is a must-read true-crime graphic novel) whom I've bantered with several times via Twitter, saw a dancing robot, met and spoke to Dirk Benedict at a local burger joint, sat in a replica of Kirk's command chair from Star Trek, got very close to a display of various movie and TV Batmobiles, met artist Giovanni Timpano, drank several mojitos, saw dolphins frolicking in the surf while my wife and I swam in the Pacific, and managed to acquire for myself one of the spiffy Comic Con exclusive SHIELD Helicarriers.  


Here's some photo highlights of cool swag and convention niftyness. 

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