Cover art by Fedora Monkey Studio / Eric Trautmann.
Cover art by Fedora Monkey Studio / Eric Trautmann.

My friend, game writer and novelist Timothy Squire, released a Kindle original novel this week, The Insurance Man. 


It's a fun, nasty book very much reminscent of the great old paperback originals of the 1960s, and a hook clever enough I wish I'd thought of it. 


The book -- intended to be the first of a series -- features an operative for a shadowy insurance company, a firm that offers a special policy to the ultra-rich and super-paranoid: if you die, even under seemingly benign circumstances, "Comprehensive Insurance" dispatches an agent to uncover the truth behind the death...and exact a measure of poetic justice/artful violence/generally good old-school comeuppance. 


It's a lot of fun, it's reasonably priced ($3.99 US for a full-length book), and features cover artwork I put together for Tim. 


I hope you'll check it out. 


To order The Insurance Manvisit the book's order page on Amazon.

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