Just for fun.

I'm a sucker for new social network things (though I'm steadfastly avoiding Vine because, well, Vine looks useless for my purposes), so when Google+ first became a "thing," I jumped on board. 


In its earliest form, I found it really clever and useful, but multiple revisions to the look and functionality chased me off. A few weeks ago, I sat down trying to figure out something I could do with the bloody thing, and almost immediately after that, I had an idle story notion. I promptly typed it up flash-fiction style (albeit fairly long form for flash fic), and have decided that's what I'm going to use G+ for. 


I just posted a new story, "Killer App," over on G+; I hope you'll check it out. I'm hoping to post additional stories every few weeks (as the muse strikes me), and when I've got sufficient material, I'll probably make a DRM-free eBook collecting them (edited and possibly with illustrations) for download here at the site. 


Here's the link to my Google+ page (or follow the Digital Footprint links). Any comments or questions can be sent to me here

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