LAZARUS #3 in stores today.

Cover art by Michael Lark.
Cover art by Michael Lark.

The third issue of Lazarus (the dystopian, post-financial-apocalypse science fiction comic series written by my friend, Greg Rucka, and illustrated by Michael Lark) arrives in comic stores today. 


I contribute some design stuff (backmatter layout, mostly, along with some behind-the-scenes worldbuilding assistance), which is kinda like bolting a sidecar onto a Ferrari. 


Here's a preview


And here are some details:



Written by: Greg Rucka

Art & Lettering by: Michael Lark

Colors by: Santi Arcas


"FAMILY," Part Three: Forever Carlyle, now a “guest” of Family Morray in Mexico, shares a message and ultimatum, and gets to know her opposite number, the Morray Lazarus, Joacquim. In Los Angeles, the Twins continue their plot against their father, using Forever as their pawn.

Image Comics  |  32pg.  |  Color  |  Mature Readers  |  $2.99US

And in other news...

Cover by Mike Avon Oeming.
Cover by Mike Avon Oeming.

Marc Mason of Comics Waiting Room (and author of the Red Sonja one-shot, "Raven," for Dynamite Entertainment) has been conducting a long-form "exit" interview, covering my 25-issue run on Red Sonja


The first part (of five) went live today, covering issues #51-55. 


Here's the link



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