Stand to and prepare to be boarded. And other pirate-y things...

My pals Greg Rucka, Rick Burchett & Eric Newsom make this really excellent swashbuckling, steampunk-y adventure webcomic, Lady Sabre & the Pirates of the Ineffable Aether. They've been doing it for several years, and it's great. 


It's so great that they had a resoundingly successful Kickstarter campaign for the print collection. 


It was so resoundingly successful that the print collection came with two other books, a poster/map, and a bunch of other things. 


I designed one of the other books, The Pocket Guide to the Sphere. It's an "in-universe" artifact, a travel guide from Edwin Windsheer, a figure of some...notoriety in the setting. It's immodest, but it came out really well. 


So I was pleased to say "yes" when Greg invited me to participate in the launch event for the book release in Portland, Oregon this weekend. Please visit us at Bridge City Comics. I'll be signing the Pocket Guides should you desire it, and I am happy to sign it "in character" to preserve the "it fell out of Lady Sabre's universe" feel to it. (I sign as Frond, the publisher's partner and primary typesetter.) 


The Lady Sabre Kickstarter info can be found here.


Bridge City Comics' website can be found here


The Lady Sabre webcomic can be found here. And you should check back and find it often. Because it's great. 


Emerald City Comicon

The past weekend, I attended the Emerald City Comicon in Seattle. It was insanely busy, but as always, well-run and overall a pleasant experience. 


It was lovely to see old friends (albeit for too brief a time), and meet some new ones (including veteran comics illustrator Rick Burchett, whom I have admired for longer than either of us would care to admit, I suspect).


I was also a last-minute addition to an Image Comics panel hosted by David Brothers (the fine and scholarly editor of Lazarus). The panel was on dystopias in science fiction, and the other panelists included Greg Rucka (again, Lazarus, and a hojillion other amazing novels and comics), Joe Harris (Great Pacific), Nick Pitarra (Manhattan Projects), Simon Roy (Prophet), Ed Brisson and Johnny Christmas (Sheltered). It's a fun talk about how we're all basically doomed. If you want to see it, it's available to view, for free, from the fine folks at The whole thing runs about an hour.


ECCC 2014

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