Today, the European Space Agency managed to soft-land a probe—Philae—onto the surface of a comet

I have a hard time wrapping my head around the enormity of that task, a mission akin to firing a bullet at an oncoming missile at just the right angle and speed as to gently land the bullet. 

Maybe I should've paid more attention in math class. If it had been more about landing spaceships on comets and less about Johnny carrying five apples up a hill, I might've been more engaged. 

This, following the destruction of an Arkyd satellite in a launch explosion and the fatal crash during a Virgin Galactic test flight, should remind us all that space exploration is music to a restless part of the human soul. 

Congratulations, E.S.A. and Cassandra/Philae teams. Take a well-deserved bow. 

Poster design by Eric Trautmann © 2014
Poster design by Eric Trautmann © 2014