Cover art by Owen Freeman.
Cover art by Owen Freeman.

Lazarus: The First Collection—a pretty substantial hardcover volume, collection issues 1–9 of the Rucka/Lark Image Comics series, Lazarus—hits store shelves tomorrow. 

The book includes the first 9 issues (which comprise the "Family" and "Lift" story arcs), plus a short preview comic that originally appeared in Diamond Comics' Previews catalog, as well as roughly 40 pages of bonus material. 

The bonus material includes a never-before-seen geopolitical map of the world of Lazarus, plus complete bios on each of the major "Families" in the setting, a universe timeline, a gallery of the fake adverts I create for the series' back covers, process art from cover artist Owen Freeman, and a ton of previously-unseen artwork for series artist/co-creator Michael Lark. 

I did the layout and graphic design for the volume, and it contains rather a lot of the behind-the-scenes work I do on Lazarus, and I must confess to a fair amount of pride in this edition. 

I hope you'll check it out. 


Written by: Greg Rucka

Art by: Michael Lark (with Brian Level and Jodi Wynne)

Colors by: Santi Arcas

Cover by: Owen Freeman

This prestige hardcover collects the first two arcs of the critically acclaimed and New York Times bestselling series; “Family,” which introduces Forever Carlyle and her Family as they are brought to the brink of war in a future of economic collapse; and “Lift,” where Forever uncovers a terrorist plot against her Family while another family altogether, the Barrets, take desperate measures to escape their life of poverty.

PLUS! Never-before-seen work by MICHAEL LARK and graphic designer ERIC TRAUTMANN, and exclusive world-building content. Collects LAZARUS #1-9 with four-page preview and additional content.

ISBN#:   1632151839

ISBN-13: 978-1632151834

Diamond Order Code: SEP140626

Image Comics / 264 pgs / Color / Hardcover / Mature Readers /  $34.99US

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