Work and travel have kept me from updating here in a while; sorry about that.  So here's a quick shotgun update to prove I yet live/breathe/work. And of course, I release this on a Friday night, when no one will ever look at it. 


Marketing consultation services available, kids. 


The Wonder Woman issue I contributed to—specifically, the glowy reticle thing superimposed on Nicola Scott's impeccable cover for the issue—lands soon. 


It's a great series, and a great issue, and I hope you check it out.


Since my last update, there have been not one, but two, releases from Adamant Entertainment, both additions to our growing line of Thrilling Tales pulp adventure supplements. 


First was Terror in Tinseltown! A missing starlet. A murdered mogul. Really big snakes! A supernatural mystery set in Hollywood, and available in both the usual Adamant .pdf format and print-on-demand. To order a copy, pop on over here. $5.00 for the PDF, $10 bones for the printed version. 30+ pages. 


Today, a new Pulp Villains release landed: Pulp Villains: The Yellow King. PDF only. Designed to drop into ongoing campaigns, the Pulp Villains releases include detailed background info, gadgets, henchmen, player handouts and adventure hooks. And they're nice and inexpensive (in this case, a mere $3 Yanqui Dollahs), for a little over 15 pages of jam-packed, two-fisted pulpy goodness. Available here


  • Prepping a few of the mailing list updates, so hopefully, there will be some new content there, soon. 
  • Updated/added a section here for roleplaying game work I've done through the years, as best as fading memory will allow. 
  • I shut down the "Appearances" page, as I don't do comic conventions anymore; there's a cost to creators who do shows—in time spent away from work, in energy, in health (con crud has worn grooves in my immune system, and I turn 45 in a few days and I wish to see 50 and beyond); also, the reality is, in transitioning toward design chores, I simply can't make money at cons. Understandably, no one seeks out the guy who designs the logo or picks the fonts for the letter column to buy a book from. I still do the occasional signing, and am happy to do lectures or presentations, but my con days are over for a while. 
  • And finally, I retired my old Payloadz account and migrated over to Gumroad. If you are looking for my stock vector art work (and some people have, like the guys what made promotional art and packaging for DC's Legends of Tomorrow), the Vector Art Store awaits you.