WRITTEN BY: Bill Smith, Peter Schweighfer, Timothy S. O'Brien, Drew Campbell, Michael Kogge, Wayne Humfleet, Gareth-Michael Skarka, Eric S. Trautmann

EDITED BY: Eric S. Trautmann, Gareth-Michael Skarka

COVER ART BY: Colton Worley

INTERIOR ART BY: Darren Calvert





The writers and editors behind some of your favorite releases for the greatest space-fantasy RPG of all time return to the D6 System!


Former West End Games Star Wars Creative Director Eric S. Trautmann assembles an all-star bullpen of veteran D6 System writers, including:


  • Bill Smith (Line Editor, The Star Wars Roleplaying Game)
  • Peter Schweighofer (Editor, The Star Wars Adventure Journal)
  • Timothy S. O'Brien (Star Wars: Pirates & Privateers)
  • Drew Campbell (Star Wars: Cynabar's Fantastic Technology—Droids)
  • Gareth-Michael Skarka (D6 Space: Ships)
  • Michael Kogge (The Star Wars Adventure Journal)
  • Wayne Humfleet (Star Wars: Heroes & Rogues)

...together again to bring you an anthology of eight brand-new D6 System-compatible space-fantasy adventures. Each scenario is ready to be dropped into any existing campaign, or used to launch a new one!


Visit scenic Tekazzil, home to a royal society that views laws as optional and profit as king; slog through alien jungles in search of an ancient artifact... and the lunatic who hopes to find it first; battle octopoid pirates above the gas giant Arx; try to survive an ancient ghost ship trapped in a ruined sector of space; witness the fearsome might and utter horror of a planet of bureaucrats; avoid being caught in the fatal crossfire between vicious university academics; battle for survival against a brutal race, long believed to be extinct; and join a rag-tag fleet of xenoecologists as they attempt to preserve a pod of galactic leviathans...


The galaxy is vast and unforgiving... especially on the edges of known space. Out there, a willingness to risk it all can be the key to survival. Every flight means danger, every landing field, starport, or orbital base can be the line between life and death.


This adventure anthology is the first of Adamant Entertainment's new line, STAR SYSTEM, a series of epic space-fantasy releases intended for use with any game using the classic D6 System. Follow Adamant on Twitter (@adamantent) to stay informed about new releases!


ADAMANT ENTERTAINMENT | PDF + BW Softcover. | 138 pgs.  |  $24.99