Cover by Justin Greenwood
Cover by Justin Greenwood

Produced by: Greg Rucka

Written by: Robert Mackenzie and David F. Walker

Art by: Justin Greenwood

Colors by: Daniela Miwa

Letters by: Simon Bowland

Logo and Book Design: Eric Trautmann


GREG RUCKA proudly presents a new direction in adventure with…COMPASS!

Shahidah El-Amin is many things: scholar, cartographer, astronomer, mathematician, scientist, explorer, adventurer, and—when need be—two-fisted fighter. Setting out from Baghdad's legendary House of Wisdom during the Islamic Golden Age, Shahi's quest brings her to 13th-century Britain…where the Welsh are whispered to possess the secret of eternal life. But Shahi's not the only one after it…

Re-teaming from the pages of THE OLD GUARD: TALES THROUGH TIME, writers ROBERT MACKENZIE and DAVE WALKER (THE LAZARUS SOURCEBOOK) and artist JUSTIN GREENWOOD (Stumptown, THE FUSE, THE LAST SIEGE) take you on a breathless race. Follow the Compass to unlock the secrets of the ancient world!


Image Comics | 32 pg | Color | Teen | $3.99US