Lady Rawhide #5—Riding into the sunset...

Cover art by Joseph Michael Linsner
Cover art by Joseph Michael Linsner

The final issue of Lady Rawhide: Sisters of the White Rose hits store shelves this week (I think). 


I had a surprising amount of fun on this one, which is likely the closest I'll get to writing a comic book Western, or a Zorro book for that matter. 


And I quite like Rey Villegas' artwork—he replaced Milton Estevam after Milton left the book. It's a little grittier, a little more "Western," to be frank. Milton's action scenes were great, but there was a slick, more-superhero-y feel to his pencils. 


Hopefully, you'll agree.


Here's the detail on the book, and there's a preview below, too, if'n you reckon on checkin' it out (yee-haw)...



Written by: Eric Trautmann

Art by: Rey Villegas

Cover by: Joseph Michael Linsner


The final battle for the heart and soul of Old Mexico begins!


Lady Rawhide has fought for the people a relentless battle against corruption and oppression-along the way becoming a folk hero to the countless citizens she's aided. But with the mercenary forces of Yanqui silver and rail barons on the march, the soldiers of the corrupt governor crushing any who stand before them, and a violent band of female vigilantes fighting a war against them all, is this Lady Rawhide's last ride?


Dynamite Entertainment   |  Color  |  32pg.  |  Teen+  |  $3.99US


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    mauricio dos santos (Sunday, 29 June 2014 14:56)

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    august jologs (Thursday, 24 July 2014 06:26)

    Would you be writing anymore Lady Rawhide stories? I sure hope so because I love LR and would love to read more. She's so sexy and such a winner!

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    Eric Trautmann (Thursday, 24 July 2014 20:55)

    I have no idea what, if anything, Dynamite plans for Lady Rawhide; currently, I'm not on deck to write any more issues, but who knows?